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Real estate brokers who charge a one time fee (or flat fee) for only those services actually purchased by the consumer are referred to as fee-for-service (or limited service) brokers. State mandated “minimum service” laws dictate to what extent the full service can be stripped into individual components. Consumers who choose this option can realize savings of up to thousands of dollars. Also see “flat fee mls“.

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North Carolina Flat Fee MLS Broker Services
Positive icon Allows choice of brokerage services
Positive icon Allows brokers to offer rebates to consumers

North Carolina allows real estate brokers to provide rebates to consumers and to customize their real estate service offerings to meet their customers’ needs.

North Carolina consumers may use a flat fee MLS broker and sell (or otherwise transfer title to the real property) to any person whom they procure (i.e. someone who is not represented by a "Buyer's Broker") without having to pay a buyer's brokerage commission or penalty.

Consumers can:

  • Search for a Flat fee MLS broker in North Carolina and Go FSBO!
  • Wipe out the listing brokerage commission and save thousands.
  • Stay in control by eliminating certain contractual risks that are present when using a full service real estate broker.
  • Deal directly with a licensed North Carolina broker. Fees vary by State, County, and Local Broker.
  • MLS Listings are updated in real time and are available for viewing on and your local MLS 24/7.

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